Unleash The Dragon provides custom AI solutions dedicated to Fashion, Luxury & eCommerce industry.

Leveraging the power of AI technology by incorporating “smart interactions” within products, processes, and services, we help companies successfully meet the ultimate customer expectations.

Achieve digital excellency

Navigate industry challenges and turn them into your brand’s competitiveness.

  • Adaptability & dynamic market shifts

  • Omnichanneling & Direct-to-Consumer models

  • Pressure on Costs & Markup

  • Sustainable & Ethical Brand Positioning

  • Strengthen brand identity & image

Leading with technology

Maintain your brand codes, exclusivity, and reputation while delivering exceptional experiences and driving innovation.

  • Tailored Solutions for Unique Products

  • Personalization & Exclusivity

  • Customer Care Excellence

  • Counterfeit Protection

  • Quality Control


Benefit from 20+ years of digital commerce experience

Product Experience

Elevate your products and services with immersive and engaging interactions on digital platforms, boosting connection and conversion rates among your desired target audience.

Product Presentation, Style Search, Virtual Fitting, and Style Recommendations.

Content Production

Enhance your data and content strategy from acquisition to use, maximizing value through optimized data collection and management processes that streamline your content lifecycle.

Image and Text Creation, Image Editing, and Quality Assurance.

Customer Care

Exceed customer expectations with outstanding experiences that boost loyalty using data-driven insights to optimize service operations and improve support and self-help features.

Virtual Assistant, Decision-Making Tools, Sentiment Analysis, and Customer Feedback Integration.

We deliver AI business solutions

Fashion & Apparel
Luxury & Jewelry
Beauty & Cosmetics
Home & Furniture


How do we help?


Custom AI Software

Accelerate the development of new digital products and service models by building any software you want at your desired pace to create growth.


Plug & Play AI Software

Professionalize existing software and processes through greater automation and efficiency to drive growth and performance in your business.


Other Tech Solutions

Drive progress and innovation and free up blocked internal resources by migrating legacy systems to cutting-edge technologies to secure the future.


Strategy, Advisory & Workshops

Secure systems, operations, and employees with cybersecurity solutions to ensure growth and business continuity for your organization.

“Up to 95 percent of all luxury purchase decisions are formed during the digital journey, making all digital brand touch points the new moments of truth.”

Daniel Langer

CEO of Équité, Strategy Luxury Advisor